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Open letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine from the Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association

Dear Mr. Prime Minister! The Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association (THPA) welcomes plans and proposals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with regard to their attempts at renewal and reform of the education and educational process of our country, and the establishment of a new Ukrainian school. However, as responsible teachers, we voice our concern over the facts ...

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A Statement and Proposals of Teachers of Educational Institutions with Hungarian as a Medium of Instruction on the Implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Education” and Preservation of the National Minorities’ System of Education

On behalf of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association we address all responsible persons, authorities, organizations that are involved and / or are interested in implementing the rights of citizens to education, ensuring equal possibilities for obtaining educational services at all levels. We consider it necessary to emphasize that the

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Petition of the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Transcarpathian Association of Hungarian Pedagogues on the Adoption of the New Law of Ukraine “On Education” on September 5, 2017

The Transcarpathian Association of Hungarian Pedagogues (TAHP) whose members are all teachers of the educational institutions of Transcarpathia with Hungarian as the language of instruction, has 2754 people. Thus, it is a legitimate collegial body that represents the opinion and stands for protecting the interests of the Hungarian language schools in the region.

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