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Who separates whom in Transcarpathia?

Recently, Transcarpathia and Transcarpathian Hungarians in particular have been under increasing pressure. Hungarians living here and, in some cases, Transcarpathia itself, are accused of isolating themselves from the country, thus exhibiting separatist behavior. Every week, the Ukrainian central TV channels broadcast “investigative” reports that encourage people living in other regions of Ukraine against Transcarpathians, and show no realistic picture of ...

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On what has been left out from the New York Times’ article

A New York Times journalist allegedly spent a week in Transcarpathia to study the situation of the Transcarpathian Hungarians and the separatism reported by the Ukrainian state. He made interviews with many people, including the one that was recorded at our institute. The “objective” US reporter asked us not to publish it on the internet. He then wrote the article, ...

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