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The Ruska Kraina Experiment

In early December 1918 Ruthenian representatives of various political views from north-eastern Hungarian counties went to Budapest by a special train. The train might have been slow due to the shortage of coal in the post-war months in Hungary, so they had to economize on heating in the locomotive. The Ruthenian delegates were going to a meeting organized for 10 ...

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George Rákóczi II – the warrior

Among the Transylvanian princes George Rákóczi II (1621-1660) can be called a warrior because of his fight with the Turks and his unsuccessful campaign in Poland.

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Wilson in Verkhovyna

Szabó Simon, a Greek Catholic canon, the leader of the Hungarian Ruthenian People’s Assembly, declared in November 1918, “The people heard president Wilson’s wakening word and discuss in their wooden huts the rights of nations for self-determination.”

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The Law on Language still remains in focus – a statement by Ildikó Orosz on the investigation of the Venice Commission

Last September, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a new law on education, which not only makes it difficult, but also impossible, for minority schools to teach in their national languages. According to the law, Hungarian educational institutions should gradually switch to Ukrainian-language teaching from the 5th grade onwards. This is also in contradiction with Ukraine’s constitution and international commitments.

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A Statement of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association

A Statement of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association, November 20, 2019 The Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association is concerned about the events occuring around the Hungarian-language education in Ukraine: the news about the cancellation of Hungarian-language textbook publishing that have appeared in the media in recent weeks, as well as sharp reductions in the number of native and foreign language lessons ...

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There is No Law Anymore

This is the way a Mezővári (Vary) resident who was returning home from Budapest in November 1918 interpreted the fact that the Aster Revolution won in Hungary and Károlyi Mihály formed a new government. As a result of the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the ubiquitous chaos in the social life of north-eastern Hungarian counties after WW1 adversities caused even ...

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