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The memory of the soldiers from Beregszász fallen in the First World War

On May 19, 2017, the audience of the town of Beregszász (Berehove) was able to take over the renewed Heroes’ Square. During the two decades of independent Ukraine, the overall image of the park at the heart of the town deteriorated day by day: the sight of shattered benches, wild vegetation and incomplete public lighting greeted the pedestrian.

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The memorable 21st year

This year, the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education graduates English major students for the 21st time. The number 21 is believed to be a lucky one; however, in 2020 nothing is the same as before, nothing happens in the usual way. It happens for the first time at our college that our graduate students have to ...

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The opinion of the THPA on the requirements to modify the schools’ names, by-laws, and stamps

On March 18, 2020, the Law of Ukraine No. 463-IX “On Complete General Secondary Education” came into force after it was signed by the President of Ukraine and published in the newspaper Holos Ukrayiny. Some school principals in Transcarpathia immediately received letters instructing them to change the schools’ by-laws and stamp to meet the requirements of the above law. In ...

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Blue and Yellow Cockades

In late 1918, in Felsőverecke (Verkhni Vorota) the local gendarmes interrogated a pro-Ukrainian Greek Catholic parson who was charged with anti-Hungarian propaganda. Felsőverecke (Verkhni Vorota) was one of the settlements whose community did not want to cooperate with the pro-Hungarian National Council of Hungarian Ruthenians. The interrogators’ report testifies to the fact that the suspect, when asked about his political ...

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On the legal content of the notion “indigenous people” and differentiation of national minorities depending on the absence of a kin-state

During his official visit to Kyiv, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affair Péter Szijjártó submitted a package of proposals aimed at reducing the tension related to the Law on Education. On the same day, Ukrainian Minister of Education Hanna Novosad rejected the proposals, calling them unacceptable. Such a swift response indicates that the Ministry of Education and Science may not have ...

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